77th Annual National Conference of the Association of Surgeons of India


26th-30th December 2017 B. M. Birla Auditorium, Jaipur
Organized by : Rajasthan Chapter of Association of surgeons of India
in Association with : Department of Surgery, SMS Medical College & Hospital, Jaipur
Rajasthan Association of Minimal Access Surgeons (RAMAS) & Surgeons Society of Jaipur (SSJ)

Making Surgery Safer
for Patients & Surgeons

Welcome to ASICON 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

“Khamma Ghani “ meaning many greetings, is the Rajasthani way of greeting the guests.

We at Pinkcity Jaipur invite you with open arms for the 77th Annual Conference of the Association of Surgeons of India to be held at B M Birla Auditorium, Jaipur from 26th to 30th December 2017.

The conference is being hosted by the Rajasthan State Chapter of the Association of Surgeons of India in conjunction with the Department of Surgery, S.M.S. Medical College & Hospitals, Rajasthan Association of Minimal Access Surgeons (RAMAS) and Surgeons Society of Jaipur (SSJ).

The state of Rajasthan has acquired a global reckoning in field of surgery over past few decades. Jaipur being at the helm of this endeavor with incorporation of innovation and advanced technology at leading multispeciality institutes including Sawai Man Singh Hospital, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, NIMS, JNU, Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital, Bhagwan Mahavir Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Fortis Hospital, Apex Hospital, Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, EHCC, Soni Manipal Hospital, Rukmani Birla Hospital, Shalby Hospital and many more.

Jaipur, the Pinkcity of India, being part of the Golden Triangle is famous for its architecture including Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Amer Fort, Albert Hall and others. Jaipur is also the Shopper’s Paradise with grand markets studded with exquisite jewellery, colorful handicrafts, Sanganeri Prints, Marble and other stoneworks, Jaipuri quilts and other items you can lose your heart to.

Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas, rugged and mystic landscape is dotted with innumerable destinations including forts, palaces, religious places and other places of natural beauty in form of golden sands and crimson skies of Thar desert, beautiful lakes of Udaipur and exotic forests of Ranthambore and Sariska full of a variety of flora and fauna.

The pink hues of Jaipur, the royal blues of Jodhpur or the golden glow of Jaisalmer, the framework of every city of Rajasthan is adorned with amazing architectural marvels.

The awe-inspiring history of valor, hospitality of royalty and rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan, woven with rustic traditional music, art and dance brings all the enigmatic folklores come alive right in front of your eyes.

Rajasthan has not only preserved its historical roots but also has equally flourished as any other urban society. This becomes evident as soon as one steps his feet on this land. One may find all the modern luxury alongside the royal hospitality of Rajasthan. Even the arts and crafts of Rajasthan speak volumes of this specialty. Stone, clay, wool, wood, paper, lac, glass, brass, silver, gold and textiles, all kind of industries progressing with latest technologies yet firmly following the traditional values. Numerous dining outlets in the state offer traditional cuisine of Rajasthan as well delicacies from all over the world showing the enthusiasm of this state to serve its visitors with an experience that is etched in their memory forever.

With weather being at its best, the timing is just perfect to enjoy the famous Rajasthani hospitality along with an adventurous journey into the breathtaking sites of the Pinkcity.

An ever memorable and exhilarating cultural and academic event waits to welcome you in the Pinkcity.


Dr. Raj Govind Sharma
Sr. Prof. & HOD Surgical Oncology
SMS Medical College
Organising President

Dr. Raj Kamal Jenaw

Dr. Raj Kamal Jenaw
Sr. Prof. & HOD Surgery
SMS Medical College
Organising Chairman

Dr. Prabha Om
Professor Surgery
SMS Medical College
Organising Secretary

Dr. Bhanwar Lal Yadav
Associate Professor Surgery
SMS Medical College
Organising Secretary

Dr. Hanuman Khoja
Associate Professor Surgery
SMS Medical College


26th Dec., 2017 Pre-conference Workshop
State Chapters & EC Meeting (9.00 am)
27th Dec., 2017 Scientific Sessions
Inauguration (6.00 pm)
Inaugural Dinner
28th Dec., 2017 Scientific Sessions
PG Master Classes
FAIS Convocation (6.00 pm)
29th Dec., 2017 Scientific Sessions
PG Master Classes
GBM (6.00 pm)
Gala Dinner
30th Dec., 2017 Scientific Sessions
Valedictory Function (12.00 noon)